“I really didn’t believe all the testimonials…” Pomeranian hair loss

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Pomeranian hair loss

“I really didn’t believe all the testimonials…” Pomeranian hair loss

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Pomeranian hair lossPomeranian hair loss recovery with all natural safe products:
“My Family and I have 10 year old and 9 year old Pomeranian dogs named Chew and Jay. Around August 2015 they both started having some skin irritation so we took them to the veterinarian, which was quite expensive for the exam fee, allergy shots, shampoo and some pills later for Chew. We also were advised to change their diet to Blue Buffalo products which we did and they are still eating. Well they both started getting better then Chew started having the same issues in different areas while Jay was much better.

I went to an animal store where I got some cortisone spray, tea tree oil and hot spot spray that helped a little but Chew didn’t clear up. I then researched on the Internet and came across several pictures that were similar to our poms. This website (Equinat-USA.com) came up in my search engine and I really didn’t believe all the testimonials but decided to give the Dermacton a try. At this point Chew was still having this issue getting red skin and going bald; we just wanted relief for Chew. I really like the way it smells first of all but then after about two weeks we REALLY started to see great improvement. We were stunned to see the results and how Chew even seamed to act better by not being irritated. I just felt soooo bad for him because imagine if you had that itching irritation on your skin, I know horrible right.

Since using Dermacton the bald spots are gone and Chews hair is growing back. I will try to always keep this on hand for the future. The product is great but be sure to order plenty. The Dermacton Ultrasalve and Dermacton Spray combo is a great way to try both and see what you prefer. We liked both so we ordered the combo on September 8, 2015 and then again on November 8, 2015. Thanks to Dermacton we have happy poms again!”

Thank you,

The Taylor Family
Atlanta, Georgia

Pomeranian hair loss

The ideal doggy skin care combo pack.

Pomeranian hair loss and black skin┬ádisease is a common problem. Dermacton has been successful with a number of poms, even some diagnosed with alopecia. here are a few more customers who took before and after photo’s accounts. No product or even medication is 100% for every dog but if Dermacton does not work for your dog you can return even used product to us for a refund as per the manufacturer guarantee.

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