12 week old puppy belly rash relief with natural Dermacton

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Belly rash puppy

12 week old puppy belly rash relief with natural Dermacton

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Here is my testimonial with using Dermacton cream for my new puppy Sybil (less than 36 hrs between before& after pics):

Puppy rash Dermacton

My not even three month old puppy broke out in the craziest rash a little over a week ago. She was very itchy, and scratching her stomach and armpits like crazy. She scratched her armpits so much that they were being rubbed raw and pus was beginning to come out of her wounds. I took her to the vet and they prescribed a steroid and antibiotics but of course that was just a temporary fix and the rash started coming back. A friend of mine suggested this Dermacton cream and so I gave it a try. The “before,” pictures – which was when the rash started to come back are after being on the medications. 

puppy belly rash treatment

The “after” was not even 36 hours after applying the Dermacton cream to my puppy’s skin. Take note especially at her armpit! It healed quickly with the cream and the redness and bumps went away quickly! Overall her skin is not as red or irritated. The Dermacton cream definitely helps calm her skin and itching!

Dermacton cleared rash

Thank you so much!”

Alpharetta, GA

Sybil puppy Dermacton review

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