Pomm X natural treatment for BSD review 21 days

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BSD dogs

Pomm X natural treatment for BSD review 21 days

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Mini the Pom X starts recovering from blackened skin and hair loss (BSD) with Dermacton:

BSD dogs natural treatment

“This is Mini. She is a Maltese and Pomeranian mix. She has suffered with skin issue for 2 years now. After countless trips to the vet, skin samples antibiotics, antifungals, and and steroids to no avail I stumbled on Dermacton.

She started her journey on April the 5th, here we are 21 days later. I am just blown away. Within 30 seconds of applying the cream the itching and digging stopped, and my girl was finally able to relax. Within an hour the places that were fire engine red gone.

Dermacton treats BSD dogs


Her poor skin that was so rough and hard is now soft again. The dark black patches are starting to fade. She now has fur again, actual fur that has been gone for 2 years. She is a much happier dog and for sure gives Dermacton 2 paws up. Thank you for giving my pooch he health and happiness back when no vet could.  (Top photos are April 5th)
(Bottom photos are April 26th)

Looking forward to giving future updates 🙂 “

R Hrivnak
Mansfield OH

BSD dogs

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