Pomeranian black skin disease treatment

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Pomeranian black skin disease

Pomeranian black skin disease treatment

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Pomeranian black skin disease:

Pomeranian black skin disease

Pomeranian black skin disease


I have a Pomeranian with black skin disease and a client of mine recommended I buy your product.  I bought the shampoo bar.   I treat and feed my dogs in line with my healthy lifestyle and was happy to know your product had nothing but organic natural ingredients.  Nothing has worked in the past – medicated shampoos, oils and lotions

She doesn’t necessarily have a full coat of fluffy hair but that is OK!   She no longer has huge bald spots all over her body, only a few lingering spots near her bum and chest.

I recommend your product to everyone!  My vet was shocked at Mias (my pom) hair growth.  I am going to send her over your contact information if you don’t mind.   She is part of Anderson Hills Animal Care Hospital.

Thank you again!   I love your product and so does Mia!  “Pomeranian black skin disease

Pomeranian black skin disease


Laura V
Cincinnati, OH

Mia has been diagnosed with a thyroid condition, which she is receiving medication for. We recommend working with your dogs veterinary team if your dog is presenting black skin disease as severe a Mia’s. Laura only used the Dermacton shampoo bar with Mia from our line, we would have recommended she tried the Dermacton Spray combined with the Dermacton Shampoo bar when she originally began treating Mia, if we had been consulted before purchase. Feel free to email if you need help choosing products..

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