Pomeranian Alopecia BSD natural results

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pomeranian alopecia BSD

Pomeranian Alopecia BSD natural results

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Pomeranian Alopecia BSD ( Black skin disease )

Pomeranian alopeciapomeranian alopecia bsd



Hi….this is Prada my 3 year old Pomeranian, she started losing her hair a year ago. Took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with Alopecia X (black skin disease) they recommend I give her Melatonin which is a sleep aid for humans but I did not want to give her that so I was searching for something natural and found “Equinat-USA” and purchased the Dermacton Cream and the Dermacton Shampoo bar. I love this product and Prada grew all her hair back full, fluffy and soft. Thank you Equinat-USA.com!

Nancy Carlino
Windsor, CA

pomeranian alopecia BSD


Nancy used Dermacton cream combined with the Dermacton shampoo bar on Prada:

Dermacton shampooDermacton cream

Treating a Pomeranian with Black Skin Disease


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