Pitbull scabs hair loss allergies natural products review

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pitbull scabs dandruff

Pitbull scabs hair loss allergies natural products review

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pitbull scabs allergies

“This is bud I was getting worried that I wouldn’t find something to work that was over the counter. I tried several different shampoos for itching to parasites and nothing seemed to be helping. I started to research products and found the Dermacton seemed to help many other dogs with the same symptoms my bud was going through.

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I started out giving him baths with the Dermacton shampoo bar every other day until I saw improvement and then added a day and so on. I also used the Dermacton cream when he got out I rubbed it on the really dry itchy places and I used the ultrasalve on the sores he had broke open. These products are amazing they work and I will be buying more if I ever need it again.

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Thank you”
kristin Johnson
Decatur, MI

pitbull scabs dandruff

Pitbulls seem to be prone to skin allergies & problems – we have countless reviews from Pit ownersclick here to see more

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