Pitbull chewing under tail solved with Dermacton

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Pitbull chewing tail

Pitbull chewing under tail solved with Dermacton

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pitbull white spots

Kiko the beautiful Pitbull dealing with chewing under her tail and white spots:Pitbull chewing tail


“I’m so happy with the results of your amazing products , fortunately the skin condition of my beautiful pitbull mix Kika was not so bad.

I live in Los Cabos, México, so it gets very hot and humid, and pitbulls have very delicate skin, so when I adopted Kika, she had some white spots on her skin, and I thought after a few baths, good food, deworming etc. that would go away, but it didn´t, like I said it wasn´t so bad, but still, i want all the best for Kika, so after using the shampoo bar and the cream about 3 times in a period of 10 -15 days, the white spots disappeared!!!

 The ultrasalve i´ve just used on some scratches she got from playing with other dogs at the beach and its great too.

 I am amazed of how fast your product works and how great it smells.

It was very hard for me to get it because i had to ship it to a friend´s in the U.S. and wait until someone comes here, fortunately I have another ride now so I’m ordering more!

 If possible, I would like it if you could, instead of refunding, send and extra product, either another shampoo bar, Jar of the Dermacton cream or the ultrasalve, whatever you choose would be awesome.”pitbull chewing under tail

 Thank you!

Diana Villarreal
Mexico white spots pitbullpitbull chewing under tailpitbull chewing under tail

(We have experienced the chewing under tail issue with pitbulls – we have blurred the photo’s for the squeamish. But its great to see the problem solved)

Dermacton has soothed many pit bulls who seem prone to skin condition – more below:Dermacton creamDermacton shampoo bar

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