Pitbull allergies products that work

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Pitbull allergies products that work

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pitbull allergies products that work

“Meet my dog Piggy He is an six year old pit bull. He has HORRIBLE allergies and is allergic to EVERYTHING! We have spent so much $ on different products to try and help his skin and nothing worked until I found Equinat. I ordered the Dermacton shampoo bar and Dermacton cream. I figured hey what do we have to lose.

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Within a week we could see a slight improvement. I gave him a bath using the bar soap twice a week and applying the cream after his bath. Within two weeks his fur started to grow back. And his mood started to improve because he wasn’t so itchy. This is him a month later. All his fur is back and he looks normal again. Thank you SO much! 

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Heather & Piggy”
Phoenix AZ

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