Out of stock products due to covid shut downs

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Out of stock products due to covid shut downs


As blogged on the 20th April the manufacturer / developer of Petnat products  (Dermacton & Ultrasalve ) shut down due to covid shutdowns in England on 30th March. We are now  SOLD OUT of dog products. We still do not know when the manufacturer will be able to produce again. Hopefully sometime in June, but we just don’t know for sure. Then we have to wait for Customs and the FDA to process and release shipments – once production is rolling again – we will make a blog post.

We know this is upsetting especially to our regular customers whose dogs rely on these products for a good quality of life. Dermacton & ultrasalve are not manufactured or sold under any other label – so please do not get scammed into thinking there is an identical product out there and over paying for something less effective.

Stay safe and use the products sparingly if you can – if you still have some left. We will not be answering emails as to when will we have more stock, as we are going to take this time to spend quality time with our own dogs & horses and even human family. Also we do not have an answer for that question. Keep an eye on our blog for updates.

We look forward to getting back into business and adding more of your dogs to our smiley customer line up in 2020 – take care for now.

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