“No more 500 dollar Vet visits for us!!”

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“No more 500 dollar Vet visits for us!!”

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pitbull skin problem

“Like everyone else on the testimony page I was at my wits end with my dogs skin infection. I had spent hundreds of dollars on vet visits, medication and almost everything else. I was up late one night and searching for medication to try and I came across the site. I was skeptical until I looked at the testimony. I saw pitbull after pitbull with the same skin problem. Riley’s skin was red hot and scabby. He’d scratch himself until he’d bleed. Id wake up in the middle of the night and he’d be scratching. He was miserable and didn’t want to do much.

Now. He’s happy. He doesn’t mind the product, which says a lot because I’ve bathed him in one prescription wash that smelled like rotten eggs. He doesn’t lick it off himself, which is very nice considering some other medication made him sick when he did eat it. He sleeps through the night. We’ve been using it since May and I will continue to buy this product to combat his skin issue. No more 500 dollar vet visits for us!!”


Kayleigh Biggs
Columbus, GA

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