Natural remedies dog skin allergies that work

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Natural remedies dog skin allergies

Natural remedies dog skin allergies that work

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Natural remedies for dog skin allergiesNatural remedies dog skin allergies that actually work or your money back! Buster the Boston Terriers owner Kristy M sent us her account:


“Wow! Finally Something that WORKS! Buster is a 5 yr old Boston Terrier with severe allergies! He has taken Cortisone shots ( they worked for the first few then not at all), Steroid pills (nothing…just made him hungry!), and switched him to a Grain Free diet…NOTHING HELPED! He has always had very very red broken out skin. Itched all the time. Grumpy; probably because he didn’t feel good!

He had had the allergies for about 3 years with NO relief! Then a month ago I noticed his hair was falling out! I thought “Oh No! He’s got mange!” I started searching the web to find out what to do and realized it didn’t look like mange but VERY BAD ALLERGIES! I came upon the Equinat-usa web site testimonials and thought..could this be Busters problem and immediately ordered it hoping it would work, but I had my doubts as I had not found anything else that worked yet.

Well it has been 30 days since I purchased Dermacton Spray Ultrasave Combo Pack and Dermacton Shampoo bar. The change has been amazing! His skin is healing (turning a pink/tan versus blood red!) and the hair is coming back!!!!! The shampoo bar is amazing! You thing it being a bar would be used up very quickly, but it lathers a lot, and it looks like I have rarely used the bar a month later and I use it on all 3 of our dogs! Thank you for such a great amazing product that works!!!”

Kristy M

Kristy used these natural products for Busters skin allergies:

The ideal doggy skin care combo pack.Dermacton shampoo bar

Boston Terriers are a breed that are prone to skin allergies, Natural remedies dog skin allergies: Dermacton & Ultrasalve products are all natural remedies dog skin allergies have been cleared up very quickly, even chronic issues respond to these effective products. Our customers also report switching their dogs to good quality grain free foods also help their dogs. A natural species appropriate diet is also important to keep our dogs happy and healthy.


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