Natural Dermacton treatment for dog Dermatitis worked in 1 month

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dog dermatitis

Natural Dermacton treatment for dog Dermatitis worked in 1 month

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Natural treatment for dog dermatitis worked, after 3 months of vet treatment failed:

dog dermatitis

dog dermatitis treatment

“Dear Equinat-USA,

I was at my wits end on what to do for Bailey (pit/rhodesian mutt) and Ellie aka Elvis, mixed hound.  The vet stated that Bailey was a late bloomer with a pit skin issues (bumps, hair loss, red angry skin). With my senior dog, Ellie, she suffered from dermatitis on her chin and hot spots, of which, the vet was not very concerned. The vet suggested I purchased prescription shampoo but there was no difference in either of their skin and it was drying it out to the point of flaking.

I came across your products while searching for natural remedies for pit skin care.  Nothing to lose, I purchased Dermacton Shampoo Bar and Dermacton Spray. I was skeptically at first using a shampoo bar on my fur children since every other product out there is in liquid form. The bar works awesome on both dogs; Bailey has short hair and Ellie has long hair plus a undercoat.

The results were almost instant compare to the vet suggested remedy.  A bonus is the girls do not smell like a walking medicine cabinet.  The fragrance of essential oils is great! Bailey’s skin has done a 180–hair is coming back, no angry skin and bumps are almost gone.

Along with the Dermacton Shampoo bar, I purchased the Dermacton Ultrasalve combo.  Ellie’s chin dermatitis has disappeared completely and hair is back! Her hot spots are under control with the Shampoo bar and Dermacton Spray. I was using the vet suggested remedy for 3 months with NO RESULTS.  When I switched and started using Equinat-USA products, the result turn around for both dogs WAS ONE MONTH!  Cannot say enough great things about your products so I hope the attached pictures speak to my appreciation and gratefulness.

Happy satisfied customer,”

Pati Baker
Dog mom to Bailey & Ellie aka Elvis

dog dermatitis treatment

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