Equine scratches treatment – Duke’s review

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Equine scratches treatment – Duke’s review

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Equine Scratches treatment review by Duke’s person:

equine scratches treatment

“My 2-year old gelding, Duke is currently in the process of getting 60 days of training put on him. The trainer sent me pictures of 3/4 of his legs with either mud fever or scratches covering them. I tried everything. “HEY Where’s That Blue Stuff”, MTG and Betadine Solution. No results. Had him checked out by the vet, $40 anti-bacterial shampoo. Still no results. The scabs were hard and he was extremely sensitive to any contact with them.

I was referred to your product on a Facebook page and saw the 100% Money Back Guarantee so I insisted on giving it a shot and didn’t regret it! These photos are from before and after 1 week of treatment. Big improvement even though it’s been wet outside! Definitely needing another jar! 🙂 will recommend product to my horse friends without hesitation!”

Karissa Labenz
Churubusco, IN

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