Manufacture back in progress – update on post

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Manufacture back in progress – update on post


Petnat Dermacton products and Ultrasalve are back in production in England as of todaya shipment has been sent to us this week, it has arrived in the USA and  now its is a waiting game to see how quickly USA customs, taxes and the FDA clear shipment for delivery. There may be a backlog in customs we just don’t know and you can’t chase or push customs along.

Hopefully we should have Dermacton & Ultrasalve back instock very soon!

Thanks for your patience & support  – stay safe out there! 

Update: 6/13/2020 The products have been here in the USA for weeks  – we are waiting on the FDA to review and release the products … 

Update 6/26/2020 : We are still waiting for the FDA to review the products  and release our shipments – we have been waiting over 4 weeks and they will not provide a timeline to how long this may take. 

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