Maltese dog severe flea allergy makes a recovery after years

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severe flea allergy

Maltese dog severe flea allergy makes a recovery after years

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severe flea allergy

Sundae finally recovers from her severe flea allergy and associated skin problems:

“Amazing product! Sundae is a 7yr old Maltese with a very bad flea allergy! The first pic was years of different products even different vets who said her hormones were out of whack and she needed to be fixed. Her skin was super irritated, horrible horrible smell you couldn’t even stay in the same room with her until I found this stuff on pinterest!!!!! She recovered so well I had to shave her down her hair got so long (last pic) because she hates baths.”


Jy Johnnie
Lafayette LA

severe flea allergy

Jy purchased our Dermacton spray ultrasalve combo for Sundae along with a shampoo bar and chose a Dermacton shampoo bar in return for this testimonial for maintenance.

The ideal doggy skin care combo pack. Dermacton shampoo bar

Flea Allergies are the most common canine allergic skin disorder, and the flea allergy will ultimately be resolved by the preventing the dog from being bitten by the flea and by eradicating the fleas and their eggs from contact with the dog in its home environment. Until the fleas are controlled, you can lessen the dogs discomfort; the itching and scratching, which will help heal any hair loss and skin abrasions with Dermacton.

Flea allergy in Dogs is a reactive skin disorder commonly referred to as Flea allergy dermatitis and Flea bite hypersensitivity. Dogs that have this condition are sensitive to the saliva of the flea when bitten on the skin. A dog with a flea allergy will immediately itch and develop redness of the skin and swelling. The resulting reaction from the dog compounds and worsens the situation through excessive scratching and extreme discomfort. Dermacton has been tremendously successful recovering healthy skin and encouraging hair growth after a dogs severe flea allergy. Even after fleas have been eradicated some dogs need extra help to get back on a healing curve and recover their former skin and coats.

There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary – we have a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your dogs response to these products.

Healing a Dog with Flea Bite Allergies Naturally

Results may vary