2 yr old Lab suffered yeast infection for 9 months

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lab yeast infection

2 yr old Lab suffered yeast infection for 9 months

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lab yeast infection

“My 2 year old male chocolate Lab Cassius suffered from a bacterial yeast infection for 9 months, which resulted in hair loss, flaky, dry & scaly skin, open sores…completely miserable! Our vet put him on Lamisil, antibiotics, prednisone and a prescription shampoo. The shampoo did absolutely nothing, but the medication helped, only while he was on it.

Prednisone caused him to gain weight and caused him to become food aggressive. Then, my niece found your product online and shared the information with me. I was desperate! I wanted to help my poor boy get relief and ordered your product.

I ordered the Dermacton itchy DOG skin conditioning cream and shampoo bar. It was like night & day once I received my order and used the products starting July 4, 2017 and started noticing a large improvement after the 2nd use, I bathed him twice a week and applied the cream several times a day…a lot of dog to cover at 110 lbs.

yeast infection

I just want to say thank you for your awesome product and for giving me back my happy boy!”


Jeuly Rodriguez
Wichita KS


Jeuly purchased and used:

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Dog yeast infection treatment “so thankful for the amazing improvement.”

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