Itchy GSD relief with natural products

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Itchy GSD relief with natural products

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treatment for itchy GSD

“After moving a year ago, my now three year old German Shepherd, named Atlas, began showing signs of hair loss and skin irritation. Following multiple homemade remedies, food changes, vet visits, medication attempts – the last being a shot every 4 weeks at $150 a pop – I was at my wits end on how to help my fur baby. Scrolling through Pinterest, in the hopes of finding another homemade remedy, I came across an ad for Dermacton and after reading the reviews and seeing the other GSDs on the site, I decided to give the product a try. The photos are the day before I started the product; the last being about a month of using the product. While not completely visible through the photos, I’m pleased to report he is scratching less, skin seems less red, and his hair is growing back – though slowly.

treatment itchy dog hair loss

Thank you for making my fur baby more comfortable with your product!

As listed on the paper I received in return for my review, I’d like to receive a bottle of Dermacton Spray instead of the cream, which I believe will be easier to apply. Either way I will be giving this product longer to react and hoping for continued success.”

itchy shepherd

Raven Eckman
Lancaster PA

Raven purchased and used 1 tube of Dermacton cream in the 22 days of treatment.

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