Itching Scratching Min Pin Dog Dermacton brings relief

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min pin hair loss

Itching Scratching Min Pin Dog Dermacton brings relief

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Min pin scratching

min pin scratching

June 15th, 2011 Hello,

“My Min Pin’s name is Lucy, she is 3 years old. Her scratching had been going on for about a year, and I’ve spent about $1500 on vet-prescribed medication for various medical conditions ranging from mange to flea bite allergy. She even underwent several medicated baths as recommended by the vet, to no avail. For a time, her body was riddled with bald patches, which, over time had grown back, only for her to start scratching again after a short while. There was also a malodorous smell that developed on her scalp (which also became quite oily) in the last few months prior to using Dermacton. All the vet could do was shrug his shoulders.

I trolled online to see if there would be alternatives to alleviate her misery, came across this company and was taken by the testimonials. After spending all that money, I didn’t have much to lose by spending a little bit more. So I decided to try the cream and soap and crossed my fingers. Besides, the 100% money back guarantee intrigued me.

As you can see in the pictures, her hair grew back almost completely after 4 weeks of using the cream. I started applying it twice a day as directed, and reduced it to just once a day after a couple of weeks. I remember applying it on her just about twice in the past week.

Lucy’s a happy camper now, thanks to you guys!”

Arron Grant – Miami, FL

min pin hair loss

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