“The itching and biting stopped completely…”

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westie skin problems resolved

“The itching and biting stopped completely…”

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Westie skin problems resolved with natural Dermacton products:

“I am astonished at how quickly Dermacton stopped the itching! Instant relief!!! It had become a constant problem for Biscuit to bite her feet, legs, back, and hip.

Her feet and hip were the biggest and rapidly thinning spots. She also had two completely bald spots on her back the size of a quarter.
I couldn’t stand to watch it get any worse than what was already happening. I was recommended this product by a westie rescue help site.
I use the Dermacton shampoo bar all over her body in her regular washes and the Dermacton spray product only on her thinning and bald spots. I used the spray three times a day for the first week then went down to morning and night for the remaining weeks. The itching and biting stopped completely after the treatment. Even my husband was surprised!!

I started noticing her hair thickening back after just two weeks!!

I have had westies for years. I’ve always done grain free diets, products, you name it. This Dermacton works – her quality of life has improved SO much these past five weeks.

Thank you!!!”

The Dean Family
Sugar Hill, GA


Biscuit found relief with regular Dermacton shampoo bar  baths & Dermacton spray:

Dermacton SprayDermacton shampoo barwestie skin problems resolved

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