Husky/Schnauzer Mix – Scratching and Skin Infection

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Husky/Schnauzer Mix – Scratching and Skin Infection

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My husband and I are beyond thrilled with your Dermacton products. Buddy is a 13 year old Husky/Schnauzer mix. He has always had allergies but this year was the WORST. It progressed from his ‘normal’ itching and scratching into a skin infection. We took him to the vet, who did a skin scraping to make sure it was not mites. They sent us home with shampoo and several medications and NOTHING helped. Buddy’s general health is failing and it made me so sad that in his twilight year(s) he was now so miserable. I just wanted him to have some relief! I was reading online blogs and chats and somehow I lucked into a link to your website. I bought the spray, the cream and the soap.

The Dermacton spray is my favorite. (I wish it came in a bigger bottle!) In just 10 days (!!) the itching has almost completely stopped, the little bumps and redness are gone and fur is actually growing back! Most importantly, he is so much happier!! I’ve attached 2 pictures – the first was September 20 and the other I took October 4. Again, thank you SO much!

Jane Manning
Norridge, IL

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