“I highly recommend these products”

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“I highly recommend these products”

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Thank you guys so much for these amazing Dermacton products!!! Below are a few photos of our 7 month old Rottie (Roxy). Roxy developed a horrible itch and would not stop scratching for weeks. We tried a bunch of home remedies to try to help and nothing worked. I took her to the vet and she was tested for different types of manges, but was negative for all.

The vet assumed that it was probably food or grass related. After a $250 visit, different medications and shampoos given by the vet, nothing changed for weeks. I contacted the vet and told them nothing was getting any better in fact it was getting worse. They asked me to bring her back in, in a week if no change.

At that time I started googling and found your product. I thought what the heck, it’s worth a try, and will cost less than the vet. I ordered the Dermacton cream first. It seemed like a little bit of product when measured to the affected area, but then again, this was on going for a while.

I tried the Dermacton cream for a week and was amazed by the change in her behavior as far as her scratching went. Two weeks later and the end of the Dermacton cream I bought, hair growth. I was blown away. I then placed another order for the Dermacton spray and a bar of the Dermacton soap bar. 2 months forward, she is fully healed with hair growth back to 100% and no itch!!!

I highly recommend these products. Roxy and myself  thank you Equinat-USA!!!!!

Abraham Rosario

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