Helping an Itchy Dog With Hair Loss Naturally

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itchy dog

Helping an Itchy Dog With Hair Loss Naturally

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DERMACTON REVIEWS: Helping an Itchy Dog

“Hi there,

I wanted to give my testimonial on the bundle of Dermacton products that I bought from you, it seems like it’s working slowly but it’s working, Jade is not scratching as much as how she used to and her hair is growing back slowly with other products that I’ve tried nothing has been able to fix her we’ve tried different type of food different prescriptions different sprays and nothing has worked until I found this place thank you so much for developing a product that actually works, she is still itching but not as much.

These are the after pictures from one treatment/combo pack of Dermacton Spray & Ultrasalve and a Dermacton Soap Bar.”

Oscar Veloz
Las Vegas, Nevada

itchy dog

Oscar purchased the following products for his dog, Jade:
Dermacton Spray and Ultrasalve Combo
Dermacton Shampoo Bar 

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