Helping a Dog with Chronic Skin Infections and Terrible Odor

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Helping a Dog with Chronic Skin Infections and Terrible Odor

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Dermacton Reviews“We adopted Nash, a 9 year old male American Staffordshire Terrier from the county pound this month. He was surrendered by his family of 7.5 years due to his chronic skin infections and poor condition. He had been sitting at the pound for over 2 months despite his sweet, friendly personality and wonderful manners. Nash smelled so bad the first week we brought him home even after using medicated shampoo from the vet. He smelled like 20 stinky ferrets even immediately after a bath! His skin was scabby, bleeding and thick with chronic itching and hair loss. The smell alone almost had me returning him to the pound. I knew I had to at least give Dermacton a try before making any final decisions. I felt so bad for him! I ordered the bath bar and spray, bathed him twice a week and sprayed all his raw spots including the areas between his toes that were so raw they had split open. He would limp around everywhere he walked- poor guy. After a couple of weeks of consistent use I have seen about a 70% improvement in his skin!

Also, Dermacton was the ONLY shampoo product that nearly eliminated his dreadful smell! It smells amazing and natural. I am super pleased with this product and LOVE the bath bar. We still have a long road ahead of us but Nash is CONSIDERABLY more comfortable with his skin and his smell is entirely tolerable at this point. Thank you for your product it has given me such hope for him. The only improvement could be a larger size bath bar. He’s 75lbs and this one is going quickly.

Thanks so much,”

Meredith Nolan
Oregon City, Oregon

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