Help for a Balding Dog

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Help for a Balding Dog

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My 5 year old dog (named Mikey) started balding. First visited the vet; the vet did a fungal test and it was negative. The vet gave me an antibiotic and a shampoo and told me to give him benadryl because they thought it was allergies. He was getting worse; balding on his chest, legs and back. My dog looked horrible so I took him again to vet and got more antibiotics and another shampoo. I was desperate and went on pinterest to see if there was any home remedies that I could use and tried oatmeal, coconut oil and nothing happened, then I found this website and I was skeptical but I figured let me just try it because I saw so many positive testimonials that I was convinced. The pics speak for themselves. I will not be using any other product only Dermacton. LOVE THE AFTERWARDS SMELL. Thanks Dermacton!

Madeline Cruz
Dracut, MA

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