“…hate using chemicals or steroids on my furbabies.”

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“…hate using chemicals or steroids on my furbabies.”

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“August 15th, 2016 My poor Sugarpie has severe allergic reactions every summer since moving to Texas. She breaks out, scratches incessantly and is miserable. I’ve tried everything & hate using chemicals or steroids on my furbabies. I’m so grateful I found your products. The Dermacton soap is amazing & being used on all three now. The Dermacton conditioning spray has worked wonders on Sugarpie. Her oily feeling & yeasty smell is gone. Her scratching has slowed tremendously & her hair is going back.

The pictures I’m sending our before treatment, one week and three weeks. I will definitely order more. I’d be very appreciative of the free product of the conditioning spray for writing this, even though I was so impressed with the results I’d have written anyways to say thank you for helping me & my furbabies find some relief.”


Sherree Acree & Sugarpie
Forest Hill, TX

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