Genie the staffy gets off steroids with natural Dermacton

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Dermacton shampoo

Genie the staffy gets off steroids with natural Dermacton

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Dermacton shampoo treatment


I wanted to share my review with you. Genie my 18month old Staffordshire bull terrier started with skin problems out of the blue. Each time she would lose hair due to excessive itching. She would also chew her paws nonstop. She had various rashes on her belly that would only respond to steroids. I knew she couldn’t continue on steroids for the long term and as soon as they were stopped, her hair fell out on her back and the rest thinned significantly.

She is a show dog so, I haven’t been able to do anything with her because of it. I was getting desperate to help her and came across dermacton. I was hesitant at first but kept looking at all the dogs with similar problems and how they improved. I figured it was worth a shot. I ordered the bar soap and spray conditioner.

I will say I love the soap and she smells so good after. The spray conditioner is a little strong smelling for me but it doesn’t bother her or my family. The smell is of citronella which I imagine would also repel bugs too. (Dermacton does not contain citronella – but some people do notice a lemony scent, from the proprietary blend of essential oils.)

The improvement in just about 3 weeks was nothing short of amazing! Her hair is growing back , she is not eating her paws anymore and she is no longer scratching her body raw. I imagine in a few more weeks she will be back to normal. I have been bathing her every 5 days since the recommendation is 1-2 times a week. She is so soft and shiny after her baths. Also, my vet was fully supportive of dermacton products when I told her what I was using. The proof is in her pictures! 

Please let me know if you need any additional pictures. I would also like to try the salve instead of receiving any refunds. I am happy with the products.”

A happy Staffy mom
Lebanon PA

Dog after Dermacton shampoo bath


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