“the frequency of her scratching, licking and chewing decreased”

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“the frequency of her scratching, licking and chewing decreased”

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We had been using Dermacton for a month + on our rescue dog, Sunshine. She came to us with some unknown skin condition. We tried many lotions, homeopathics, dietary changes like all organic food, eliminations of common allergens, etc. and nothing seemed to change her skin condition and her itching, licking and chewing on her body.

We took her to one vet and she gave her a steroid (ugh) but she was not a skin specialist and that clinic had a 2-month waiting line. Since Sunshine was in a new environment we concluded that the cause of her condition was not a reaction to an environmental irritant.

Somewhere in our Google searches we came across your website and read all the testimonials with enthusiasm.
We ordered a bottle and used it on Sunshine for one month, The redness and swelling receded and the frequency of her scratching, licking and chewing decreased remarkably. Since the Dermacton is what seemed to make the difference, I have to thank you for making it available. We have continued using it on Sunshine and our two other dogs who do not have a skin condition except for some winter dryness.

Attached are some before and after pictures. There were other changes in other areas that did not show as clearly to the camera but are clear to us.

I hope this helps some viewers make a decision.


Dr .Dan Lobash, Ph.D., L.Ac. and Geri Benner, MSN, L.Ac.
Orlando, Florida

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