End paw licking chewing biting with natural Dermacton

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end paw licking

End paw licking chewing biting with natural Dermacton

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Is your dog driving you and itself crazy with paw licking, chewing, biting to sores and vet visits? End paw licking and chewing with all natural Petnat Products:

“Hello. I wanted to write and tell you how your product helped our Ozzy. We had tried EVERYTHING before I found Dermacton spray and salve. Ozzy would not stop licking and biting his paws to the point where he had to wear a cone all the time – for a month. Our vet wanted to put him on a prescription – which we did not want to do because it was going to suppress his immune system. We finally found your product and the first night we used it he slept without his cone on. He has not had his cone on since.

I can’t say enough. It was a lifesaver for our Ozzy!!  We did not want to put him on a prescription that would do terrible things to his body!  Here are some pics. Although his feet do not look horrible – it is only because we had kept him from licking them by wearing the cone. At one point he licked them so bad he could barely walk on them.

Thank you again!”

Jackie Bononcini (and Ozzy too!)
Landisville, NJ

Jackie ordered the Dermacton spray ultrasalve combo for Ozzy at a cost of $37.99 plus shipping.

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