Dogs skin turning black itching natural treatment for BSD

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Pomm Black skin

Dogs skin turning black itching natural treatment for BSD

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Chief the dogs skin in his belly groin was turning black and itchy – natural Dermacton treatment brought him relief after years of itching:

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“Thank you so much for having this product it does miracles on my Chief. My dog Chief stopped itching, hair is growing back and the black skin dissolved from the usage of Dermacton. I could see an improvement within two weeks actually the itching stopped within days. I really didn’t like the smell first of all but then after about two weeks we REALLY started to see great improvement.

dogs belly turning blacktreating black skin disease

I was amazed to see the results and how Chief seamed to act better by not being irritated. I just felt so bad for him because imagine if you had that itching irritation on your skin, I know horrible right.

Chief is 12 years old and I’ve had to use something on him for itching for years. I believe as he started to age he developed bad allergies. Usually he worst in the summer time.

Black skin disease



The Taylor
El Paso, TX

Black Skin disease (BSD, also sometimes referred to as  Alopecia ) is a very common problem especially with Pomms. All Dermacton products come with a 30 day no quibble guarantee. Just type BSD in the search box to see more reviews with this skin problem.

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