Dogs skin itching so bad scabs + hives

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dogs skin itching so bad

Dogs skin itching so bad scabs + hives

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dogs skin itching so badDogs skin itching so bad with scabs & hives due to seasonal allergies.

“Hi, My 6 month old dog named Klaus is a French mastiff. He was suffering from seasonal allergies due to grass pollen which usually is late spring early summer. His skin was itching so bad he started to scab and his little hives were terrible of course we gave him Benadryl but that only lasted for so long. I’m so glad I found this website I ordered the Dermacton cream and once I rubbed it in, you can tell it gave him relief. So just after two weeks his scabs were looking better and he didn’t itch as much. Now his skin is back to normal, you can’t even tell he had allergies! I know for sure next years seasonal allergies I will be ordering again.”

Aubrey Palomo
San Antonio, TX


Klaus was treated with Dermacton cream $21.50 + Shipping.

Dermacton cream


Klaus is one of thousands of dogs who have found relief from itching, scratching & chewing their skin to wounds with Dermacton. To see more customer reviews ALL with before and after photos click here..

dog terrible itching & hives

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