Dogs life long skin allergies Boston Terrier

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dog life long skin allergies

Dogs life long skin allergies Boston Terrier

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relief dogs skin allergies

Relief from dogs life long skin allergies – Boston Terrier Diamond:

Best Product Ever!!

 I have a 12 yr old Female Boston Terrier, named Diamond, she has suffered from skin allergies her whole life, I have tried everything from steroid shots, creams, essential oils and shampoo’s, nothing worked, I was skeptical on trying Dermacton, I want to say it is the most wonderful product I have ever tried and actually works, just after one bath with Dermacton Shampoo Bar Diamond stopped scratching and biting, she seriously didn’t know what to do, cause she was always scratching and biting.  I use the Dermacton Shampoo twice a week and the Dermacton Conditioning Cream twice a day.  Diamond is so much more active than she was, her hair is growing back, redness on skin is disappearing just after two weeks of using Dermacton.  Thanks so much for your product, now Diamond will get her last years comfortably and Itch Free.

dogs life long skin allergies


Cindy Burgess

Cindy purchased Dermacton cream and Dermacton shampoo bar – these are the result of only 13 days of application as detailed in Cindy’s own words above.

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Boston Terriers are a breed that commonly suffer from skin allergies, Dermacton has proved successful with thousands of dogs.




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