Dogs itching scabs bleeding hair loss 2 weeks of treatment results

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dog itching scabs

Dogs itching scabs bleeding hair loss 2 weeks of treatment results

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It is sadly not uncommon for dogs itching to scabs, bleeding and hair loss, Ipsie an 8 year old Australian shepherd was an extreme case that has encouraged many customers to try Dermacton since 2011. Ispie & Greg really paid it forward and have helped hundreds of dogs find natural relief with Dermacton:

“Greetings and Happy New Year from Florida, I wanted to share a little bit of our story about our dog Ipsie.

Ipsie is a very healthy and happy 8 year old Australian Shepherd mix. Most all of her life however, we have dealt with a skin allergy that causes her to have very sensitive skin on her back. She constantly itches tries to rub her back on anything and everything she can to alleviate the itching. This has caused a great deal of stress for her and us as her constant rubbing on things has ruined a set of leather couches that we owned. Her rubbing would continue until her skin rubbed raw and started bleeding.

dog itching scabs

We were beginning to lose hope, due mainly to the fact that the only solution our local vet had was hormones and / or expensive allergy treatments. We also give her over the counter allergy pills regularly, but these only help marginally. We resorted to placing spiked plastic mats (inverted plastic carpet runners) on the furniture to keep her down and to keep her from ruining our new set of couches. Occasionally, someone would forget to place the mat down and Ipsie would get on the couch and rub herself raw again trying to alleviate the itching.

dog itching scabs

In frustration, I decided to scour the internet for a solution. It didn’t take me long to find your website and read the testimonials concerning the Dermacton product. I was still skeptical (there are so many websites that are scams) but the product and testimonials seemed genuine. After discussing with my wife, we decided that it was well worth it just to try and see if would help Ipsie.

I ordered the Dermacton cream just to try and see how it would do. Well, I was absolutely amazed. After the first treatment with the cream, Ipsie stopped itching. It was a marked and noticeable difference. She had a habit of rolling onto her back on our tile floor and rubbing her back on the grout cracks to scratch. She would do this several times a day. She has not attempted to do this since the first treatment of Dermacton. I also noticed that she sleeps better. She used to get up a lot at night (I would wake up and hear her going in and out of our room). Now, she sleeps through the night.

Ipsie has undergone a remarkable transformation and healing in just a little over two weeks. I have included photos from the day of the first treatment, until now.

As you can see below, Ipsie has a skin allergy problem that causes her to constantly rub and itch her back until it’s raw and bleeding (the scabs are from a recent bout when she got up on one of our couches. The couch needed a lot of cleaning afterward to remove blood stains).

This is after about 1 week of Dermacton. Notice, the scabs have cleared up and the hair is coming back (unbelievable is all I can say).

After two weeks of treatment. All sores are gone. Her hair is almost completely returned. And, I also noticed that her skin doesn’t seem sensitive at all any more. She used to react like she was in ecstasy when someone would scratch her back near her hind quarters (her back legs would actually shake and quiver). Now, she just stands there. She likes being scratched, but she doesn’t over react any more

There is still a little of the dry flaking skin (see photo) but that has almost completely cleared up also.

dog itched to scabs

Ipsie wants to say “Thank you!!” for helping her with her itchy back. She is now a much happier dog!!

I just want everyone to know how grateful I am for Dermacton and how happy Ipsie has been since we started using it. Some of this testimonial may sound made up, but I can assure you it’s real and I give Dermacton a 100% thumbs up backing. In fact, I gave a small amount to a friend who has a Giant Snouser, Bouvier mix breed. He suffers from a constantly itchy under belly which causes him to bite and dig a lot. I gave some of the ointment to my friend and told him to give it a try, so you can expect another loyal customer soon. Sincerely,”

Greg Lilly
Port Orange, FL.

itched to scabs

Greg originally purchased Dermacton cream for Ipsie, chose a second free Dermacton cream for his testimonial and then followed up with a Dermacton cream ultrasalve combo:


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