4 yrs of dog yeast problems & hair loss cleared up with Dermacton

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4 yrs of dog yeast problems & hair loss cleared up with Dermacton

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Dog yeast problems hair loss: After  almost 4 years of yeast problems & hair loss in just 9 weeks and 13 year old Sasha feels like a new dog with Dermacton.

dog yeast problems hair loss

“Hello my new friend! My Sasha is 13 years old and has been suffering with from skin and stomach allergies. She became very yeasty, horrible flaking and smell, always itchy, constantly licking that eventually she was beginning to lose all her hair, not to mention just feeling awful.

For almost 4 years, we have been in and out of the vet, trying shots, creams, drops, medicated shampoos, changing her diet to a vegetarian diet and thousands of dollars later-all that didn’t really help her and heartbreakingly, we thought there wasn’t anything that could help her feel better.

It wasn’t until my daughter found you on Pinterest! Dermacton has changed Sasha’s well-being! After 4 weeks, her hair started coming in. It was amazing to see the transformation in such a short time. Her yeast smell disappeared, she started eating again and she has more energy.

dog yeast problems hair loss

Dermacton is an amazing product and now am a customer for Life! Everyone who has a fur baby, I don’t hesitate to recommend Dermacton.

Thank you so much for your amazing product!!”

-Lynnette Smith
Auburn, WA

Lynette Purchased all 3 Dermacton products ( Dermacton cream, shampoo and spray) for Sasha – just 1 of each for these results. 

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