Dog age 11 has suffered from allergies almost ½ her life

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Dog age 11 has suffered from allergies almost ½ her life

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“My dog Dee Dee is 11 years old and has suffered from allergies most ½ her life. I felt so sorry for her. We did tests to see what her allergies were and they extended from different weeds in the yard right down to human and cat (which I had til 2 months ago) dander. For many years she was on high dosages of Prednisone and hydrocodone which helped until her body became immune to them. We would stop for a while to give her body a break, just for her to be miserable again to where she had chewed all the hair off her butt and it was bleeding. So then we started giving her steroid shots every 6 weeks plus she would get an antibiotic along with that but unfortunately the shots only lasted a few weeks for her itching and she suffered the last 4 weeks til time for her shot again. We were told that such high dosages of Prednisone were causing her liver damage and would shorten her life but we felt that if she at least had good quality of life it was better than her being miserable all the time. Someone suggested I try a home remedy of baby oil, water, and Listerine and spray her down which only dried her skin out.

About 4 months ago she got a pinched nerve in her back and so we took her in and they gave her Gabapentin to help and then again prednisone capsules 20 mg. She became very lethargic because of the high dose of Gabapentin so I just reduced it gradually every day til we came to a point where she was not just laying around every day. Well, because of the pinched nerve she could no longer reach to chew her but so she started chewing and licking her sides and legs. Her hair started falling out in patches and she looked terrible. My husband took her in to get her nails clipped and wanted the Dr. to look at her. I had just ordered Dermacton and was anxious to try it. My husband comes home and tells me the vet said that her liver was shutting down and gave us a very strong RX for her supposedly to help her hair grow back and to immediately stop the Prednisone. And that she was to be on Melatonin at night (she was already lazy and inactive). I told my husband to let me try the Dermacton and see if it works before we do what the vet said. I honestly saw results within a week. She didn’t itch or lick herself anymore constantly. And honestly I didn’t put it on her every day faithfully and sometimes I missed a day. I LOVE this stuff and I never had to give her any of the meds. As far as her liver shutting down, she seems to be healthier than she was on all those steroid shots for her allergies and she acts more relaxed because she is not chewing herself to death anymore. Thank You so much for making this product that has changed Dee Dee’s life and ours for the better.”

Thank you again,”

Debbie Morrison
Umatilla, Florida

(If this is too long you can edit it I was just so thrilled to find something that worked and let everyone know the struggles she has had with her allergies. Just am so happy we found something that has helped her and given her quality of life back for however long she is on this earth with us.)

Debbie ordered all 3 Dermacton products for Dee Dee, the Cream, Spray and Shampoo bar.


UPDATE 1/31/2018

dog skin allergies


“YES, she is still doing amazing and like I have said in the past, I have not used it religiously but usually put it on her when I notice she starts to lick or chew which before was every 5 minutes and now it is MAYBE once a week if even that. She does get a bath with the soap every week. I don’t know if this cream had anything to do with this but she had a HUGE lump on her back from 10+ years ago a vet (who I no longer go to) gave her a rabies shot and hit a blood vessel which caused an abscess. She went through 2 traumatic stays at the vets to drain it due to his negligence (which he refuses to believe he did it). Well over the years it started growing back and we had to be very careful when combing her or petting her. She never yelped like it hurt her but even the new vet wouldn’t do anything with it. After using this Dermacton cream, salve, spray (which I use in my hair to help it grow. It works pretty good) and bar of soap this thing on her back popped and she smelled so bad but I guess it was the infection in it coming out. I couldn’t stand the smell so I went to give her a bath and that is when I noticed there was no bump on her back. It will scab over now and then fill a little bit and drain again. I don’t put any salve directly on it as I don’t really want it to close up for fear that it won’t drain in the future. But she had that thing on her back which was about 1-1 1/2 in tall and it is gone. I am a true believer that your product had something to do with helping this thing break open and drain, And so again I have nothing but positive things to say about this product. And Dee Dee and I thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for giving her back her livelihood. She just turned 12 January 1st.”

Thanks again,
Debbie, Mark, and Especially Dee Dee


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