Dog scratching raw skin gets relief with Dermacton

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dog scratching raw skin

Dog scratching raw skin gets relief with Dermacton

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Roxanne a super cute Doxie was scratching herself raw to hair loss and scabs until her Mom tried Dermacton spray.

doxie scratching

“Hello I wanted to say WOW! I have tried all kinds of sprays to help heal her broken out stomach. Roxanne has scratched herself to death to the point of bleeding and raw.  I was at my wits ends trying to find something to help my her, I even tried oatmeal baths other sprays that left her oily, but they didn’t work.

Thanks to my office manager she ordered some Dermacton for her dog who had some skin issues and saw a change, the hair started to grow back and the dog stopped biting themselves so I knew I had to go order a bottle of Dermacton spray and try it myself…

Here in first picture Roxanne was completely hairless and all those red whelps and broken skin. Wow 2 months later what a difference this has made and her hair has grown back more fuller and thick.

Thanks so much for this product! I tell all my friends who are at their wits ends. Thanks for helping my crew! I am one very happy Momma here as my Roxanne is at ease and not scratching herself to death!

Misty Cochran
White GA

Doxie scratching

Misty purchased a Dermacton spray at $23.00 for Roxanne and chose to try Petnat Ultrasalve as her free product in return for her testimonial. If your dog is scratching itself raw, try Dermacton for yourself with a 30 day no quibble guarantee! 

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