Dog elephant type skin problem solved BSD

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dog elephant skin

Dog elephant type skin problem solved BSD

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dog elephant skinDog elephant skin problem solved BSD

I have a 14 year old Shiba Inu Mix named Caleb. I adopted him as a puppy in Central Florida and he was a healthy dog for 4 years. Once we moved to the Ohio Valley he began having some kind of skin allergy twice a year.

The cause was undetermined. He would get dark elephant like skin, itch non stop, and lose hair because of it. We went through medications, steroids, food changes, different topical ointments. Some worked for a short time and some didn’t. I got tired of pumping him full of steroids time after time and began the search for something with natural ingredients that could help him. I tried to make some different ointments with essential oils, but nothing I created was the right blend.

I continued to search the internet and came across and thought it looked amazing when I began reading the testimonials and saw dogs that looked like they had the same symptoms as Caleb. I immediately ordered the Dermacton Cream and Spray.

Caleb looked worse than ever at this point. He had scratched so much he lost most of the hair off of this back, legs, and some on his face. As soon as I received the products I began putting it on him three times a day to start. Within two weeks I saw a difference. Within 4 weeks he had a beautiful coat!

I couldn’t believe it, but was so relieved he was happier and looking healthier! Thank you Equinat-USA for an amazing product! My absolute favorite was the Dermacton Spray. It is so easy to spray for a large area and rub in. It is a miracle spray! Thank you once again!

Courtney Acevedo (& Caleb)
Pewee Valley, KY

Courtney used and purchased the Dermacton Spray and Dermacton cream for Caleb’s distressing skin problem:

Dermacton SprayDermacton cream



Dogs developing similar to elephant skin with hair loss, is known a Black skin disease (BSD). It is common in west highland white terriers ( westie dogs) and Boston Terriers. Dermacton products have been successful in treating many dogs with  this condition. Check out our customer reviews by clicking here.



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