Dog constantly itching chewing itself

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dog itching and chewing himself

Dog constantly itching chewing itself

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Is your dog constantly itching chewing itself to sores and bald patches? Dermacton – Natural gentle solutions with money back guarantee which has helped thousands of dogs recover worldwide, since 2004:

dog constantly itching chewing itself

“This is my dog Bear. Before we started using Dermacton he was constantly scratching and chewing to the point he would have sores and sometimes bleed. I noticed a difference as soon as we applied the lotion the first time. He wasn’t stopping to chew every couple of minutes and just looked relieved. After three days his hair started to grow back and there was significantly less redness and dryness to his skin. And his hair was starting to grow back! And after five days he doesn’t scratch or chew AT ALL and he seems so much happier. His sores are almost completely healed and all is hair is almost back!”

Rachel Sandlin
Dayton, OH

dog constantly itching chewing itselfdog itching scratching


Rachel used the following products on Bear and chose a free Spray in return for her testimonial, rather than a refund on the highest value item purchased. 

Dermacton Spray Dermacton shampoo

Dogs constantly itching chewing scratching themselves to sores and bald patches is a common problem. We have countless reviews and testimonials all with customers before and after photo’s – regardless of the cause of the problems, Dermacton products bring the majority of dogs major relief and if you have ever suffered from chicken pox or poison ivy, you know how much that relief is needed. With a 30 day satisfaction guarantee purchasing is risk free! Check out more customer reviews clicking here..


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