Didn’t believe the reviews but tried Dermacton ultrasalve anyway

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Black Mouth Cur dog

Didn’t believe the reviews but tried Dermacton ultrasalve anyway

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I am not one to typically write reviews (of any product) and frankly, I normally don’t believe most of the reviews written either.  I almost threw away the info sheet that came with the product because I was certain that I wouldn’t be so thrilled with the results that I would want to write a testimonial but I have never been more happy to be wrong!  

grass allergies treatment

Reba is an 8 year old Black Mouth Cur and has struggled with allergies to grass as far back as I can remember.  Add to that a thyroid that seemingly has a mind of it’s own and let’s just say that poor Reba’s skin has always been a challenge.  We have tried daily doses of Benedryl, the vet has tried multiple different types of allergy meds even steroids didn’t help much.  If it has been sold in a store or online… I have bought it and nothing seemed to help.  UNTIL NOW… Here is Reba along with some dated pictures of our progress.  She is so much happier and the scratching and licking is all but gone.  The vet says the darker patches of fur growing in are completely normal and will fade into her coat over time.  Now my vet is recommending this product to everyone BEFORE going down the road of harsher meds to our fur babies!!  Thank you, Thank you , thank you!”

Dermacton ultrasalve allergie treatment

Jamie Manion
Allen TX

Black Mouth Cur dog

Jamie used the Dermacton Ultrasalve Combo and chose a free ultrasalve in return for her review.

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