Dermacton treatment for itchy pitt with hair loss

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Dermacton treatment for itchy pitt with hair loss

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itchy pitt treatment

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Itchy pitt Diesel gets fast relief progress in just 5 days!

I have struggled with my poor Diesels skin allergies. Nothing has worked and numerous prescription meds I wanted to give up. Nothing helped him at all.  I saw an advertisement on Facebook about Dermacton and started researching. My baby is a Pitt mix and I saw several other pitts on the site that this cream has helped. Figured I would try it.  The first 3 pics are from the day we received the product(1-3-19. The last 3 are from today(1-8-19). 5 days and I see an amazing difference !!!! Thank you for giving me my fat puppy back. He wants to play and wrestle with his brothers again and can do so now without itching and scratching !!! I’ll be purchasing more items from your company very soon. ”

Thank you very much,

Mattie Edwards
Griffin GA

itchy pitt treatment

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