“…rashes, hives, redness and was constantly itching.”

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“…rashes, hives, redness and was constantly itching.”

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Before using Dermacton, Winston, our yorkie/silky had rashes, hives, redness, and was constantly itching. His hair also didn’t seem as healthy as it was patchy and dull. Because he was constantly biting, some of his hair was even missing. I used several different shampoos and even coconut oil to treat him. While coconut oil helped the most, he was still suffering from rashes and insistently scratching or biting, especially his rear.

I began searching the net for answers and came across Dermacton. I was hesitant at first but the countless testimonials gave me hope. I purchased (PETN01) DERMACTON itchy DOG skin conditioning CREAM and (PETN09) DERMACTON skin conditioning SHAMPOO BAR for dogs.

From the very first bath and skin conditioning cream application, I began to notice changes. Winston’s rashes weren’t as red, and he wasn’t scratching as much.

A few weeks later, his rashes, hives, redness, and itchy skin were gone! His hair became fuller, grew faster, and began to shine. This product won me over! Dermacton is far superior to other products on the market. Winston is one more testimonial to this fact. He has enjoyed being itchy and rash free ever since.


Elizabeth S.
Aiken, SC

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