Dermacton “The Results Are Amazing” Mia Pitbull

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dermacton reviews

Dermacton “The Results Are Amazing” Mia Pitbull

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Customers Dermacton results on Mia the pittie.

dermacton results

Mia is 3 1/2 years old. She had problems with itchy skin, bumps and horrible red sores all over her body. We tried everything!!! Doctors prescribed Steroids and antibiotics but it just kept coming back. She even started losing her hair and bleeding from her sores. I tried many different creams, bathing her in oatmeal baths, powders, oils …nothing worked.

I started looking online and found Dermacton. I used the Dermacton shampoo bar and applied the Ultrasalve and Dermacton skin conditioning cream. After only a few days I saw an improvement. After just two weeks, the results are amazing. Just look at the before and after pictures.

Thank you so much!!!

Mia & Family
L. Spinelli
Manalapan , NJ

The Spinelli family used The Dermacton cream ultrasalve combo pack And Dermacton shampoo barsDermacton Reviews

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