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Dermacton for dogs is the ONLY USA stockist FAST SHIPPING  –  All natural Dermacton has helped thousands of dogs world wide get relief from skin allergies & infections without risk. Dermacton has a 30 day no quibble guarantee – it works fast!

Promote fast safe skin healing – ALL Natural  Dermacton® works wonders for your dogs.

Skin problems in dogs can be very distressing for both the dog and the owner. They often cause intense licking, chewing and aggravated itching which can make the problem worse, and, can also increase the possibility of secondary infections which compound the problem. Dermacton has helped many dogs where other products and even medications have failed.  You can return a USED product for a refund, if you not impressed with the results! 

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Dermacton cream, Dermacton Spray and Dermacton Shampoo offers you a 100% natural alternative. It is a fantastic proven skin product which is gentle and effective for all canine skin problems.

Equinat-USA is the exclusive supplier of Dermacton for dogs shipping from WITHIN the USA. Regular shipping 2-3 days and FedEx 2 day and overnight options available at check out. Dermacton is not available on or Petsmart or chewy and is not labeled under any other brand. 

The benefits of PetNat DERMACTON® for dogs

  • 100% Natural, extremely effective and safe for your dog without side effects.
  • No petroleum jelly based fillers. No potentially harmful steroids.
  • Painless and Gentle on your dogs skin. Rapid results.
  • Soothes sores and irritated areas, relieves itching and licking.
  • Encourages the natural healing process and promotes natural hair regrowth for your dog.
  • Easy, Pleasant to use. Gently rub in a small amount of cream or spray on the affected areas once or twice a day, as necessary.
  • No bathing required, but if you do bathe we recommend you use the Dermacton Shampoo bar that assists either the cream or the spray.

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