Dermacton cream & ultrasalve pitbull review

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Dermacton cream

Dermacton cream & ultrasalve pitbull review

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Dermacton cream


So here’s my review:

Our poor Rico was having some type of allergy causing him to get a rash on his chest. We tried changing his diet, applying bentonite clay, benadryl spray, oatmeal baths, etc…Nothing worked! Then with all the internet research, I came across Dermacton products.

pitbull rash allergies

Ordered the Ultrasalve ointment in a small jar and the tube of Dermacton cream. We applied it each morning and evening. It actually started clearing up right away and healed our pup! It also left him smelling like he was at a doggie spa! This product is amazing, natural and it works! Thank you Equinat!-USA!!


Tina Krist”

Trina purchased just 1 Dermacton Cream Ultrasalve combo to get these results:

Petnat Dermacton cream combo

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