Demodectic mange dogs – growing hair back

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demodectic mange

Demodectic mange dogs – growing hair back

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Demodectic mangeĀ  dogs – growing hair back:

Demodectic mange dogs


Demodectic mange dogsĀ  – Angeleens owners account: “My sweet dog Angeleen is diagnosed with generalized demodectic mange and low thyroid. She is on meds for the thyroid. She is a gold border collie and the mange occurred after adulthood. I adopted her at 5. She had been on low dose ivermectin and prednisone. Both are contraindicated for her breed and 4 white feet. The meds got her hair back and helped make her adoptable. Unfortunately they also weakened her immune system and caused tremors.

This has been a long winding road journey for both of us. I have tried many natural remedies bought online as well as made many myself. Over time there has been progress and lapses.

I took a leap of faith in trying Dermacton. This is the most successful product. These photos were taken 8 days apart. She has improved. She likes the product and it clearly helps her to feel better. She smells nice too. She gets a bath every other day with the Dermacton soap. I have used the salve on a few resistant running sores. The Dermacton cream is used on bumpy spots and generally rubbed in all over. I tried the Dermacton spray as well for overall body but use it less as the cream seems a bit drying which is needed now. Nice to have the spray to treat her when I am in a hurry.

I will continue to take photos and hope this is the only skin product we ever need. I want to send full recovery photos. I have had Angeleen for several months. She is wonderful, smart and cooperative. For those of you out there dealing with generalized demodectic mange in an adult dog, you might also want to know about diet and supplements. Angeleen is fed a mostly raw turkey or chicken diet. She does get no grain, no potato kibble occasionally. Daily supplements are Nupro yeast free vitamin powder, digestive enzymes, coconut oil, omega 3 salmon or flax oil, astaxanthin, colostrum, neem powder (500 mg per 10 lbs body weight). I have also used a mushroom blend. Separately she gets grapefruit seed extract 1 drops per 8 lbs in chicken broth 1-2 times a day. Probiotics about 20 minutes before one of her meals.”

Nina Powers
Dripping Springs, TX

Nina used the following products as detailed above:

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