Correct Shipping & delivery of packages – my package has not arrived?

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Correct Shipping & delivery of packages – my package has not arrived?


All packages are shipped via USPS or Fedex depending on what customers choose on check out. While we ship hundreds of packages a week and the majority arrive on time, occasionally there are hiccups with the couriers.

The best thing customers can do is check their shipping addresses very carefully when placing an order – we ship fast! Most orders are out the door the same day, so that does not give you much time to correct a miss-typed address. Watch out for Auto fill – it does some strange things like adding your DOB into your address.

Both the USPS and Fedex systems check addresses and amend them to get a match. You will receive a tracking number automatically via email the moment we create your shipping labels. So make sure you enter the correct email. 

Now you have a tracking number keep an eye on the package, so if the package shows as delivered but is not where it is supposed to be you can alert your local delivery office immediately. It is very rare we have any issues with Fedex but we send thousands more packages via USPS per year. Each priority mail order is insured – but if your package shows as delivered you CANNOT file a claim, without USPS removing the delivered notice.

Find your local delivery post office here and check they are the one that actually deliver the mail to your address:

If you contact your local delivery office immediately chances are they will locate the package for you and if it was miss-delivered and they cannot not retrieve the package you will be able to file a claim. We do not do this for customers – if the package shows as delivered we have fulfilled the order to the best of our ability.

As per our ordering page:

Lost Packages? Who is Liable?

The liability from as the seller to you (the addressee/receiver/buyer) occurs when the status of the USPS (or alternatively, FedEx) package tracking information is marked/shown as “Delivered” or “Notice Left”. Until this happens, we are fully responsible for any lost packages. Since USPS automatically insures and tracks packages up to $100.00 – we do not require delivery signature on packages that are under than that amount. If the order is over $100.00 – we may add a signature at our discretion. As for FedEx packages, FedEx automatically insures packages up to $100.00 – therefore, we declare the actual value on all FedEx orders OVER $100.00. Also, please note that FedEx packages REQUIRE a signature on all orders OVER $500.00. reserves the right, at our discretion, to add a signature to ANY package we send out.

If the package hasn’t arrived, first check the tracking number provided – as this will generally provide the information needed. On rare occasions, we have had packages take a rerouted detour and finally make a delayed appearance to the addressee without any further explanation. If you do NOT receive a tracking number (first check your spam box in the email you used to place the order), buyers should contact us to confirm that the order was shipped.

If the USPS or FedEx tracking does NOT say “Delivered” or “Notice Left”, and the buyer never received the package, as the seller is liable for issuing the refund or replacing the products.

If the tracking DOES state “Delivered” or “Notice Left”, the transaction is complete and is no longer responsible for replacing or refunding the item(s). If the buyer has not received the package, please ask your neighbors, family; the apartment manager (if applicable) and/or speak to your local post office (they may be holding the package) or FedEx carrier- if possible, speak directly to the mail carrier who delivered the package. Someone else might have accepted the parcel. If you believe your parcel was stolen, we would encourage you to file a police report and as well as a complaint with your local USPS/FedEx office.






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