Corgi with life long allergies – relief with natural treatment

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Corgi allergies

Corgi with life long allergies – relief with natural treatment

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Corgi allergies natural treatment

“This stuff works!  We have seen vet after vet and tried treatment after treatment.  Nothing ever really worked.  Maggie has suffered with allergies her whole life, but they have been terrible the last 3 years.  She would constantly bite and itch.  She had hot spots, bald spots, and red inflamed skin.

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I came across Dermacton on Pinterest.  The dogs on their site had the same issues Maggie has.  The before and after pictures were amazing, so I knew I had to try it.  To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much because nothing has ever worked.  We were so surprised to see how GREAT these products are!!  These pictures show the difference Dermacton has made in 7 days.  We use the spray once a day.  She went from constantly itching and biting herself to almost never itching.  She’s so relaxed now.  Her skin is looking great already.  I have many friends who have bought Dermacton or plan to because of the difference they’ve seen in Maggie.  If you are debating on getting this, please give it a chance!  It has greatly improved the quality of Maggie’s life.”

Chelsey Fuller
Flint TX

Corgi allergies

Chelsey purchased Dermacton spray lotion, The Dermacton shampoo bar and Ultrasalve for Maggie.

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