Contact is a shipping distribution center located in the USA for shipping all natural Dermacton & Equinat (and more) products for dogs and horses.

If you are wanting to find out when SOLD OUT Dermacton products will be restocked please click here

As a retail distributor, we are not licensed or qualified to answer specific medical questions relating to your dog and/or horse. It’s not because we don’t want to talk to you …we love our customers and love animals, too.

Many questions you may have will be answered here in our FAQ section

If you have medical questions regarding the PetNat Dermacton or Equinat line of imported products we sell please contact the UK manufacturer / developer Aromesse here. Check out FAQ first.

If you have questions about the Green Udders all natural line of dog products, please refer contact page or see the FAQ for more product information at

If you have questions about an order you have placed, please email us. We answer questions on a daily basis, Monday through Friday 9-5 EST. Please check your junkmail for replies – we ALWAYS reply to customers, but some replies do end up in junk folders.

Thank you!

To contact us in the USA and Canada please send us anĀ email: