Chronic mud fever horses natural treatment

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chronic mud fever horses

Chronic mud fever horses natural treatment

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Chronic mud fever horses – Party had been dealing with mud fever / scratches for 8 months prior to Jacqueline finding Aromaheel:

chronic mud fever horseschronic mud fever horses



Here are some pictures and commentary below for your testimonial page. I will be ordering more of this product today and would love to have one free!


Prior to Aromaheel, my standardbred had chronic mud fever for approximately 8 months. It was so bad that his leg would swell. The scabs were very hard to remove. My vet prescribed Panalog which provided some relief but did not remedy the situation. New scabs kept forming. I tried Desitin and same problem.


Finally I read about Aromaheel on the internet. I was skeptical at first, but, thought that with the climate in England, if anyone would have experience with mud fever it should be a product from this environment. I have been using Aromaheel for about 3 weeks now. It smells healthy and wonderful and it is a good texture to provide a barrier against the fungus. Within 3 days of applying it, the scabs were softening and rubbing off just as promised. It is easy and pleasant to use. I can actually see that the areas that were scabby are now turning pink and healing. I will be ordering more today so that I can continue to use it as a barrier until it is completely cleared up and I will want to have some on hand for any future outbreaks. This is a wonderful product that does exactly what it promises.”




chronic mud fever horses

Jacqueline chose a free Aromaheel adding to her next order in return for her testimonial.  Don’t forget to take before pics if you purchase, so you can submit a review &  claim a free product or a refund on the highest single value item you purchase:

Aromaheel natural equine scratches treatment

Chronic mud fever horses is stressful for you and your horses, Aromaheel has been very successful in assisting numerous horses get over this nasty condition. Our favorite thing about Aromaheel is NO scab picking, any of you already dealing with this know just how irritated your horses get with the discomfort of scab picking, especially as the days, weeks, months of treatment go on..  Click here for more horse testimonials

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