Chronic Greasy Heel responds in 1 treatment results

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Greasy heel in horses

Chronic Greasy Heel responds in 1 treatment results

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Greasy heel horses

Miss Tilly is a 22 year old TB mare that has struggled with greasy heel her entire life. She moved home this weekend from a retirement home that she has stayed at for 6 years and her heels were in dire need of care. Two friends recommended Aromaheel, so I ordered it right away.

Product arrived within 3 days. I applied yesterday evening, then turned my mare out to pasture. It rained overnight, so when I checked her heels this morning, after rubbing a soft cloth over them, I was astonished to see the difference in just one application! Amazed and wishing this product had been around all her life, as she has always hated all previous treatment because they made her heels so sore. This is amazing and will forever be on my shelf of must haves. Thank you!

Amy Miller
Kenova, WV

AROMAHEEL is a natural equine scratches treatment, that requires NO scab picking. Effectively treat your horse for scratches, mud fever, cracked heels, rain rot, greasy heel, mud rash, rain scald and dew poisoning – with a money back guarantee!

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Greasy heel in horses

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