Boston Terrier skin problems natural treatment

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Boston Terrier skin problems

Boston Terrier skin problems natural treatment

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Boston Terrier skin problems healing with natural treatment:

Boston terrier skin problems Boston terriers rock
We came across to your website little over a month ago. We were reading about the products and also saw before and after pictures of dogs. We have two Boston Terriers and one of them, Leya, has been suffering from severe allergies and skin problem for years. She is allergic to almost everything she touches and she was constantly scratching herself until her skin is raw and bleed. She has lost so much hair…

We’ve done almost everything that we could do and her doctor could do but nothing really worked. We decided to give┬áDermacton a try and purchased a spray and about in a few weeks, we already started seeing a small progress on her skin and more than anything she started to sleep thru every night! Now she’s been on lotion combo ­čÖé

Leya absolutely LOVES getting lotion on her every morning and night!! She wiggles her tail and comes right to me when I open the lotion lids!! She must think that she is getting a spa treatment! Lotion has very soothing scent so when she snuggle with me, it helps me to fall asleep too! She is definitely happier and have more energy so instead of sleeping all day, she now plays with her sister Gemma every day!

We are absolutely happy for Leya and so glad to found these miracle products!!! We also told some of our friends who have dogs with skin problem!

Please feel free to use Leya’s pictures for your testimonial page! Leya is 7 years old and she’s been dealing with skin problem ever since she was 6 months old. She started with just minor scratching and it got worse and worse and she was in her worst condition this past a few years. Thank you!!

Naki & Joe

Las Vegas
Dermacton has helped many Boston Terrier skin problems, hair loss, severe itching, red inflamed skin and sores. Leya was treated originally with Dermacton Spray for coverage over such big areas. Boston Terriers skin problems

Boston Terrier skin problems



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